June 2019

The Tong Tong Fair was a great success! Click here for some reviews (in Dutch).

April 2019 

PEPPERO prepare itself for the Tong Tong Fair.

March 2019

PEPPERO celebrates Carnival! Want to see the photos?

Please visit our Instagram / Facebook pagina.

February 2019

PEPPERO is used by a student for an assignment at the school of photography. 

For the introduction, PEPPERO is handed out in the hospitality industry. The reactions are very enthusiastic!

January 2019

The first delivery is a fact!!!

May / September 2019

We have a name: PEPPERO! And we are also busy with designing an etiket.

April 2018

Off to Herman Jansen Beverages Netherlands B.V .. Super exciting! We have to say that the moment it was tested, we sat on the edge of our seats.

They said: "Really tasty, that's really tasty ……. Super !!"

March 2018

The choice is made. We want to continue with batch 2 and 3. Which gets priority? The first contact is made with Herman Jansen Beverages Nederland B.V..

March 2018

The fourth batch is made. Experiments are being carried out with an extra ingredient.

The results of the first and second batches were also seriously judged by strangers. They judged the presentation, color, clarity, homogeneity, aroma, taste, balance, and aftertaste.

And....they like it a lot!

December 2017

The third batch is made. Again, we adjusted the ingredients a bit more.

September 2017

The second batch is made. The ingredients are adjusted slightly.

Augustus 2017

The first batch is in the bottle.

The process in the bottle takes 6 weeks.

Summer 2017

Gradually the idea starts taking more and more shape