our story

The first seed of our idea for 888 ORANGE and later PEPPERO was planted during a trip through China back in 2007. We then traveled with the backpack for over a month and that was so special that we went back again a year later.

What especially stayed with us is that besides the beauty of the country, the residents are extremely hospitable and friendly. Chinese people like to make contact with travelers and are happy to assist you if necessary. For example: we have been invited to some people's homes for something to drink, eat, and warm ourselves up by the fire.


From that kindness and the emotion that it created PEPPERO is originated.

A festive light alcoholic drink in which Eastern and Western taste cultures come together, complement each other and create a connection.

We wanted a sweet, slightly spicy drink. The taste of sun and herbs in one shot.


It was the beginning of a very nice time with lots of fun. We started to experiment with mixing different ratios of drink, fruit, and spices. Family, friends, and acquaintances could taste and judge. After almost a year we had the perfect combination: PEPPERO!


PEPPERO has a fruity start with the taste of orange, followed by a mild taste of Asian spices. You will be warmed almost immediately by this innovative and surprising combination.


Pictures on the left were taken during our trips to China.  

Pictures below were taken during the process from ingredients to PEPPERO!