PEPPERO, is a likorette made according to a secret recipe with a base of orange and pepper.


Likorettes are liqueurs with a lower alcohol percentage. The drink is experienced as a liqueur but with a softer aftertaste.


The low alcohol percentage makes the drink very easy to drink neat and likorettes are also well suited as an ingredient in a low-alcohol cocktail.



                                                                                     PRICE per bottle € 14.95

                                                                                                                      (0.7 liters)

PEPPERO pearls



 -in a pearl-


We have managed to capture the pleasant refreshing sweetness with the tingling aftertaste, which makes PEPPERO so unique, in a 'pearl'!  


Read more about this unique product here.


                                                                                          PRICE per jar € 14.50

                                                                                                           (± 100 pearls)




A box of PEPPERO contains 6 bottles and a box of PEPPERO pearls contains 10 jars. You can also order less!

A combination order is also an option. For example, an order of 5 bottles and 4 jars, can be placed in one box. 


OFFER: With a combination order in one box with a value of more than € 100,00 you do not have to pay the shipping costs. Those are for us.



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